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Hawker 800XP

The Hawker 800XP is unrivaled in the mid-size jet category for its passenger pleasing combination of cabin comfort, safety, range, payload and performance.

It’s not uncommon for the Hawker 800XP to depart from a sea level, 5000’ runway on an international, intercontinental or transcontinental flight with its normal wide margin of safety and a full payload of fuel, 8 passengers, 2 crew and baggage, climb to 37000 feet in twenty minutes and cruise at 514 miles per hour. 41000 feet is easily attainable to top enroute weather.

When carrying this generous payload of 1750 pounds the Hawker’s maximum range of 2900 miles (2540 nautical miles) makes it possible to typically fly non-stop from New York to Los Angeles or internationally, from Singapore to Beijing.

Another feat the Hawker can easily accomplish is to take off from Aspen’s 8000’ elevation airport, fully loaded and fly for 2000 miles on a standard day. Or from Mexico City’s Toluca airport, and fly the same distance, despite that airport’s 8400’ elevation!

When weather at the landing airport presents a challenge, passengers are assured of reaching their destination in comfort and on time by virtue of the Hawker’s high crosswind component and exceptional handling characteristics, thus allowing it to land on runways as short as 5000 feet, in the kind of weather that inhibits most other aircraft.

Also, because of it’s sturdy construction, the Hawker 800XP dampens out most turbulence for a smoother ride.

The Hawker 800XP does all this while providing passenger comfort in an expansive cabin measuring 5’11” of headroom and 6’ in width. This spaciousness along the entire cabin length is made possible since the floor of the notoriously robust fuselage was designed flat, resulting in more comfortable foot space as well.

It has 8 comfortable seats, 4 configured as adjustable club seats that swivel 360 degrees, a 3-person divan, and one forward facing seat. The club seats allow passengers to interact in quiet comfort with soundproofing to an average cabin sound level of 70 decibels. All seats recline into a full sleeping position.

Another distinctive Hawker 800XP feature, uncommon with other mid-size jets, is passenger access to the 48 cubic foot baggage compartment inflight.

With its high altitude and long range capability, safe, short runway performance, passenger comfort and convenience, this is midsize jet charter at its safest, most flexible, comfortable best.