Destination Travel: Ski Getaways

Destination Travel: Ski Getaways

Private Jet Charter to your next Skiing Trip

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your winter travel. Before you start thinking about enduring the stress of holiday travel this year, we’ve got some alternative means of flying. Consider skipping the commercial airlines this year and flying private jet charter with us instead. It’s a less stressful, more direct way of traveling. Plus, you can bring all your ski gear without paying an additional checked bag fee. Still not convinced? Here’s a brief look at some of our most popular travel destinations for ski getaways.

Ski Getaways

Mammoth Mountain, California –Mammoth is only 330 miles from San Francisco and 310 miles from Los Angeles. So, it’s no wonder it’s a popular destination for most California locals looking for ski getaways. As a San Francisco based private jet charter company, we help families and individuals alike fly to Mammoth for a quick and easy ski getaway. It’s the perfect distance for a weekend trip and with our direct flight options, you’ll be in the air and on the slopes in no time.

Park City, Utah – Known as one of the best ski towns and ranked within the Top 10 Best Ski Resorts in North America, Park City is a ski it for yourself type of getaway. With so much to offer, including highly rated nearby ski resorts and plenty of shopping and resort style lodging there’s something for everyone in Park City. Learn more about planning your next ski trip to park city here.

Vail, Colorado – Add this to your list of intermediate mountains for infamous ski getaways. With more than 5,000 acres of skiable terrain, high end nightlife and shopping, and breathtaking views you’re sure to find yourself in skier’s paradise when you visit Vail. Plus, you can fly into Eagle County Regional Airport for direct access to the base of the mountain.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – One of the best ski destinations for those skiers who can’t resist the ski-in, ski-out hotel options. This expert mountain offers 2,500 acres of skiable territory with view of the Grand Teton National park and a rich cowboy history. If you’re making a list of the best ski getaways, be sure to add Jackson Hole closer to the top. It’s a historic ski destination that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Why wait? Book your trip now and we can help you coordinate your ground transportation too. We fly all over the US and can also help you figure out travel outside of the country as well. With a commitment to the highest level of customer service, luxury and flexibility in private jet travel we can make any trip convenient and enjoyable. Contact us today at 888-725-3871 to discuss the details of your flight and private jet charter itinerary for your upcoming ski getaway.

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