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Pacific Coast Jet understands the importance of
flexibility and affordability of private air travel

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Charter Services

Pacific Coast Jet specializes in identifying the right aircraft for your specific needs at the most competitive price. Between our direct fleet and our extensive global network, we can fulfill the requests of any trip, anywhere in the world, on any time schedule.

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Sales & Acquisitions

Pacific Coast Jet approaches aircraft sales and acquisitions from an operator’s perspective so that clients have the benefit of our expertise every step of the way. We are your partner and want our clients to secure the best deal possible.

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Pacific Coast Jet offers a flexible approach to aircraft management, with charter program options to help offset ownership costs. We have extensive experience to assist with sales and acquisitions, mentor piloting, and other customized solutions.

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Pacific Coast Jet

Who are we?

A small, passionate, & powerful team.

After opening its doors and ‘taking flight’ in 2006, Pacific Coast Jet set out to make private air travel attainable for executives and others who prefer flying private. Pacific Coast Jet was created to become a highly reliable, professional and well-respected business that is centered on premier customer service and trust.

Working with the team at Pacific Coast Jet is always a professional and positive experience from start to finish. They are reachable 24/7 and provide a top level of service complemented by close attention to detail, as well as our being able to accommodate last minute changes as is often the case when chartering. We consider Pacific Coast Jet a top choice when needing source aircraft for our clients.

Marc Hollander – Exclusive Charter Service

Pacific Coast Jet

What are we about?

Personal service!

Pacific Coast Jet understands the importance of flexibility and affordability of private air travel, and is committed to providing top-notch, personal service – which not only reinforces the conveniences of flying privately, but also maximizes each flight with a customized approach to ensure each client’s expectations are exceeded.

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