Pacific Coast Jet

Aircraft Management

Aircraft owners look to maximize their investment and build a relationship with a management team they can trust. Developing those relationships are at the core of Pacific Coast Jet’s mission.

Pacific Coast Jet does not manage aircrafts with a “cookie cutter” approach. Our management team treats your aircraft as if it’s their very own – with a focus on value and solid leasing arrangements. We develop a management plan with each aircraft owner’s goals at heart. This includes:

  • Maintence scheduling
  • Maintenance labor & parts discounts
  • Budgeting for maintenance programs
  • Compliance and maintenance tracking
  • FAA fulfillment
  • Savings on fuel programs
  • Hangar storage
  • Volume fuel discounts
  • A trusted flight crew
  • Aviation accounting
  • Trip support
  • Discount fleet insurance
  • Charting & navigation
  • Crew training discounts

Pacific Coast Jet is committed to making your asset a smart business investment that reaps successful gains under our care and management. As part of our Charter program, you can offset the cost of ownership. We look to bring you financial benefits while balancing your flight requirements as an owner.

We build long-term relationships by fostering the ultimate ownership experience, which is why we are proud to have clients who have been with us since our inception.

For owner pilots, we also have a Pilot Mentoring Program

"Pacific Jet managed my Citation Mustang and had it in their charter operation for about three years to offset the costs. I am a long time aircraft owner and pilot but couldn't have managed the jet without them. Jesse, Ryan and James were amazing! Simply THE BEST! I recommend them highly."

Joe Peters