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Pilot Mentoring Program

For those who want to be at the helm of their aircraft, Pacific Coast Jet helps owner pilots take that desire to the next level.  From our inception, we have offered our specialized Pilot Mentoring Program, with proven success at helping numerous owners become skilled jet pilots. Our experienced team of instructors and mentors can transitions pilot owners through the various levels of flight experience from single engine aircraft operators to jet captains. Additionally, we help justify the ownership of their plane by enrolling it in our charter program, making it a win-win for owner pilots.

Working with the team at Pacific Coast Jet is always a professional and positive experience from start to finish. They are reachable 24/7 and provide a top level of service complimented by close attention to detail as well as being able to accommodate last minute changes as is often the case when chartering. We consider Pacific Coast Jet a top choice when needing source aircraft for our clients.
Marc Hollander