Pacific Coast Jet

Phenom 100

The Phenom 100 is powerful and extremely efficient. It may be classified as a very light private jet, but the Phenom 100 is competitive with larger private jets in performance and space. Its high-speed cruise of 360 knots true airspeed trumps all close competitors.

The design of the cabin is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. It features large leather seats that include armrests, power outlets and multiple controls at your fingertips, and nice-looking wood finishing that is consistent throughout. A fully enclosed lavatory is also in place for enhanced passenger comfort.

The pilot focused flight deck is equipped with the Prodigy all-glass avionics suite that places all aircraft monitoring, situational awareness and flight-planning tools at the pilot’s fingertips. Being a very light private jet, the Phenom 100 offers much of the same capabilities and characteristics that are specific to a class higher, but at a great value. The Phenom 100 provides the flexibility, reliability, and overall exceptional experience required in private jet travel.