Travel by Private Jet to the Game and Your Follow Your Sports Team with Ease

Travel by Private Jet to the Game and Your Follow Your Sports Team with Ease

Are you a loyal sports fan? You don’t miss a home game of our local teams? Or maybe you live far from your hometown or college and you never get to enjoy the game live in the stands? When you travel by private jet to the game, you can support your favorite team wherever they play. Whether it’s the 49ers, Raiders, Cal, Stanford, Warriors or the Sharks, or you’d like to watch your favorite team in their own faraway arena, Pacific Coast Jet will arrange your jet charter on your schedule wherever you need to be to cheer your team to victory.

Avoid the Hassles
If you are trying to make it to a game during the week, on a Friday night or maybe just a quick Saturday overnight, you don’t have time to deal with the long hassles of commercial flying. When you travel by private jet to the game, you drive right up and park at the private terminal and avoid all of the long lines of security and baggage check in the main terminal. No lost luggage and no taking off your shoes for security inspection. When you return, your luggage and car are right there with you.

Flexible Scheduling
Planning a short trip with a commercial airline can be a headache, especially when you have to work around their set schedules. When you fly with Pacific Coast Jet, our charter flights are set around your personal itinerary. You can avoid connecting flights and if you’re running late, the plane is always waiting for you.

Personal Service
As you make your plans, you’ll know that whenever you contact Pacific Coast Jet, you’ll get the personal service you expect. You won’t be dealing with a huge call center in another city. Our concierge works with you directly to plan your itinerary, special requests and any other details of your flight. Last minute changes? Not a problem with Pacific Coast Jet.

Fly in Comfort
It goes without saying that you’ll be more comfortable taking a private jet to the game. At Pacific Coast Jet, we provide the ultimate in luxury private aircraft travel. Our jet cabins are complete with captain chair seating, large windows for natural lighting and spectacular views, and advanced soundproofing for a relaxed flight. You are guaranteed to be seated next to those in your party and we can even decorate the cabin in your team colors.

Eat What You Want
You may want to start tailgating while in flight with chips, hot dogs and beer or avoid those choices as long as possible with a gourmet meal. Or you may have dietary concerns that are difficult to manage on a commercial airline. Whatever your meal preferences, at Pacific Coast Jet we can arrange almost anything you’d like on your flight to the game.

Don’t miss out on those significant away games or the chance to see your favorite team play. As you’re looking at the game schedule this season, give us a call a Pacific Coast Jet to follow your sports team with ease. We’ll help you plan your private jet to the game. But you’re in charge of face painting.

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