Pacific Coast Jet


Pacific Coast Jet has some of the most experienced aviation crewmembers in the industry. They safely and professionally fly customers to their final destination. The Pacific Coast Jet crewmember program includes:

  • Extensive background checks for new crew candidates
  • Technologically-advanced simulator training each year
  • Drug testing and medical examinations
  • Internal instruction training on corporate policies and procedures
  • Part-time crew staffing

"On 8/29/2014 I got a call @ noon that the aircraft that I had secured out of VNY for a 4:00pm departure was out of commission. I posted the trip on Charterpad and on NBAA airmail within 10 minutes Ryan Dos Ramos had quoted me on Pacific Jet’s Citation Sovereign. They husseled and had the aircraft in position for my clients 4:00pm departure. They saved the day! Thank you Pacific Jet for your great service!"

Alicia Bradbeer