From San Francisco to Santa Monica: Aircraft Charter for Commuting in California and Beyond

From San Francisco to Santa Monica: Aircraft Charter for Commuting in California and Beyond

Have you ever planned flying commercially from San Francisco to Los Angeles and concluded that it might take almost the same amount of time to drive? You figure the time for the drive to the airport, getting there early to park, stand in line for security, wait around for boarding, and hopefully the flight isn’t delayed. Then the flight itself, and the aftermath of waiting to deplane while other travelers gather their things, dealing with the busy terminal, etc., etc. So what can you do to relieve some of your travel stress? You might consider private aircraft charter for commuting in California and other nearby states. At Pacific Coast Jet, our jet charter service will get you to your business on time and with less hassles.

Traveling on a jet charter is so much easier and time-saving. If you commute from San Francisco to Santa Monica by private jet, you would land in the Los Angeles area before you had even boarded the plane in Northern California. Imagine how much easier it would be to fly private charter to Seattle, San Diego, Las Vegas or other cities where you may have business meetings.

The benefits of commuting by private jet over commercial airlines are many:

  • Schedule flights according to your needs
  • Park closer to the private terminal
  • Avoid dealing with busy commercial terminals
  • Avoid long lines and security checks
  • No wasted time sitting at the gate until boarding
  • Quite, relaxing flight with custom refreshments and comfortable seating
  • Hold meetings or work on the flight
  • No delays or waiting once landed

For commuting to business meetings it can make a lot of sense to travel by private jet. You can actually save quite a bit of time both by avoiding the usual early arrival and waiting as well as making good use of the flight time for private conversations or meetings. And, when you fly instead of drive, you can make it a day-trip, not needing overnight accommodations or missing important evening events back home.

At Pacific Coast Jet it is our goal to provide a luxury private aircraft experience within a price point reasonable for more businesses and individuals. We help you avoid the frustration of commercial travel and make the most of your commuting time. When you need an efficient plan for scheduling business travel, aircraft charter for commuting in California might be the right solution.

From local flights around San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Silicon Valley, Napa, and San Jose to all over California, Coast to Coast and Hawaii, Pacific Coast Jet offers clients flexibility and luxury throughout the US. With access to an additional 5,000 private aircraft worldwide, we can also arrange charter aircraft itineraries to and from any destination you seek.

Pacific Coast Jet is committed to the highest level of customer service, luxury and flexibility in charter jet travel. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, we charter itineraries all over the world. For more information, contact us at 888.725.3871.

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