The Benefits of Private Jet Travel For Families

The Benefits of Private Jet Travel For Families

Just a couple more months and the kids will be out of school. Are you dreaming of a vacation? There are many great choices for summer family destinations, but do you dread the actual flight to get there? Traveling with kids can add significant stress with the added luggage and all the kids’ gear, long wait times and layovers, changing planes and more. However, with all the benefits of private jet travel for families, when you choose Pacific Coast Jet, most of these challenges disappear.

One of the most important benefits of private jet travel for families is the flexibility. At Pacific Coast Jet, we work with you to plan your itinerary on your schedule. Need to plan around that last day of school? Need just a couple of hours to work in the morning before you leave? No problem. You aren’t at the mercy of commercial airlines’ set schedules. No connecting flights, and if you are running late (two-year old tantrum, maybe?), our aircraft waits for you.

When you fly on a charter jet, you avoid all the hassles of a commercial terminal. Don’t drive in circles looking for parking or schlepping all of your luggage on a shuttle. Park right at the private terminal where our staff will unload for you and stow your luggage on the aircraft. No tired children standing in lines for security checks, or waiting around a crowded terminal until your plane arrives and is serviced before you board. When you fly with Pacific Coast Jet, your private aircraft is ready and waiting for you. And, no lost luggage!

Onboard Comfort
On a jet charter, you aren’t confined to a tiny seat or worried about the other passengers’ nasty glances at your children, which helps you relax and enjoy the flight. Our luxury cabins are large enough to move around comfortably, with plenty of windows so every child gets a window seat. The kids can play games or stretch out for a nap in a fully reclinable chair. Your private bathroom makes those trips much easier as well.

Food Your Kids Will Eat
Do you have a picky eater amongst your brood? Or maybe just the idea of packing a variety of snacks to please everyone is exhausting. When you fly with Pacific Coast Jet, galleys are fully stocked with the foods and beverages of your choice (at your request, we can have milk and margaritas!), accounting for any dietary needs or special issues. Exceptional gourmet catering choices are available to please every passenger.

Avoid much of the stress of family flying by enjoying the benefits of jet travel for families. The flexibility and comfort of a jet charter will make a significant difference from commercial flight experiences. At Pacific Coast Jet, customer satisfaction and safety are our highest priorities. Our luxury fleet can accommodate travel to Hawaii, coast to coast, and all points in between. We also maintain a global network to afford us the ability to plan itineraries for you anywhere in the world. For more information, contact us at 888.725.3871.

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