Jet Charter Travel Tips: 2016 Spring Vacation Destinations

Jet Charter Travel Tips: 2016 Spring Vacation Destinations

Spring Break is coming up, which means that right now is the perfect time to plan your getaway. Do you have an idea about the places that you would like to visit? There are a variety of options available, depending on the weather and activities that you would like to enjoy. Regardless of the location, make sure to book a private aircraft so that you can relax in style while traveling.

Here are a few options where you can fly with luxury and convenience with Pacific Coast Jet:

Spring Skiing Destinations

Spring skiing is a great idea for spring break, because some areas in the country have a good snowpack that has built up during the winter. And in the spring, you can enjoy the snow and ski in weather that is a little warmer, offering the best of both worlds.

Eagle, CO and Salt Lake City, UT are two popular destinations for skiers. The Rocky Mountains offer excellent snow conditions throughout the winter and spring months, and there are a variety of resorts to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an experienced skier, because you can find the slopes that will match your skill level.

Warmth and Sunshine Destinations

If you live in a cooler climate, then you might consider a jet charter to take you to a warmer location. It can be relaxing to hang out by the pool and soak up some rays, getting your tan ready for the summer months. Consider Scottsdale, AZ or Palm Springs, CA for a warmer getaway.

The advantage of visiting Arizona or other southern destinations now is that you can enjoy the area before the hotter temperatures of the summer set in. Schedule your private flight and vacation now to take advantage of the perfect spring temperatures.

Fun and Nightlife Destinations

Do you love visiting a big city, and you want to spend a night on the town? Big cities are great destinations for spring break, because you can find unique restaurants, lively bars, and exciting dance clubs. San Francisco, CA and Las Vegas, NV are two excellent locations to explore if you are looking for good nightlife.

It doesn’t matter where you travel for your spring break trip, as long as you plan for convenient jet charter to get you there. At Pacific Coast Jet, you can enjoy the luxury of a private airport and space to relax on a private aircraft, allowing you to travel in style. For more information, call us for a quote and we can help you plan your spring break trip: 888.725.3871

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