Pacific Coast Jet

Citation Sovereign

Combining efficiency, luxury and range makes the Sovereign the obvious choice when planning a longer excursion for a small- to medium-sized group. Able to travel coast-to-coast, the Sovereign has capabilities of a larger jet, but still maintains the advantages of a midsize aircraft. The luxurious cabin can comfortably accommodate up to 9 passengers while also providing ample storage for baggage and gear. Known for its economy, the Sovereign offers the highest level of luxury and performance for the most savings for our customers.

Perfect for longer travel itineraries, the Cessna Sovereign offers the luxury, efficiency, and flexibility expected from private aircraft travel. Whether flying coast-to-coast, California to Hawaii or other points afar, the Sovereign is unmatched in economy and range. Even with these capabilities, the Sovereign can still take off in under 4,000 feet, an achievement unmatched by other jets of this size. Additionally, the innovative wing design allows this aircraft to climb directly to 45,000 feet and reach cruise speeds of up to 570 mph.

This luxurious, stretch cabin of more than 25 feet offers the finest finishes and design refinements expected from a private aircraft. The 67 inch height allows comfort and easy access while moving about the cabin and adjustable club seating for up to 9 passengers provides flexibility in travel planning. Fifteen elliptical windows provide more than ample natural light and spectacular views in flight while advanced soundproofing creates a comfortable and quiet cabin ambiance. With more storage than any other jet in its class, the Sovereign provides generous space for baggage and all kinds of gear.

Safety and reliability are also a huge priority with the Sovereign. Everything, from its simple flying procedures to its many standard emergency systems, prevents accidents and makes handling simpler. This aircraft features Honeywell Primus Epic avionics, providing pilots with unparalleled access to information, such as real-time weather, terrain mapping and traffic information resulting in increased situational awareness and greater safety.

When needing an economical yet distinguished aircraft for longer flights with more passengers, the Sovereign is an obvious choice. For versatility, reliability, luxury and range, this jet offers the exceptional private travel experience our customers have come to expect.